Value Electronics Annual TV Shootout 2021

 01, Oct 21  |    M S Moran  |    8

Value Electronics Annual TV Shootout 2021-image

      Value Electronics has been conducting annual TV Shootout Competitions for quite some time now.  The competition allows manufacturers to submit their "most-bestest" TV Displays.  Each submitted Display is professionally calibrated to optimize every aspect of its performance.  Subsequent to the calibration process, a panel of industry professionals judge each Display on their individual merits. This year's winner, in the 4K Resolution category, is the Sony...

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KEF_sters score another win, Wow!

 18, Aug 21  |    M S Moran  |    46

KEF_sters score another win, Wow!-image

EISA STANDMOUNT LOUDSPEAKERS 2021-2022KEF LS50 Meta The original, EISA Award-winning LS50 loudspeaker was widely acclaimed, but KEF's engineers have taken it to a new level with numerous detail revisions including the use of Metamaterial Absorption Technology to further control unwanted driver resonances. That may seem like a small internal upgrade, but the result is a magnificent compact speaker capable of a huge soundstage, generous bass and terrific imaging. The original LS50 has now be...

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Crestron TNT Awards 2021

 13, Jul 21  |    M. S. Moran  |    66

Crestron TNT Awards 2021-image

  TNT Awards 2021 @ ISE: Our partners at Crestron have been up to their wiley tricks once again and have somehow managed to score 5 separate TNT Awards for 2021.   The selected products are as follows: Crestron Home Operating System Horizon Communicating thermostat DM NAX 8-Zone Streaming Amplifier TSW Series Touchscreens Crestron Home Configurator  Crestron Home operating system is an ever evolving ecosystem that enables quick development and deployment for Sma...

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Best TV Display?

 13, Jul 21  |    M. S. Moran  |    0

Best TV Display?-image

  LG OLED TV Technology: LG has recently released their newest OLED iteration, the 83" OLED TV Display!  Wow!  This latest TV Display will go a long way towards addressing the need for a truly large TV Display that also incorporates the legendary OLED viewing experience.  Presently, LG's OLED TV Lineup consists of the following format sizes: 48", 55", 65", 77" and now the 83" model size.  for those not familiar with the technology, OLED stands for Organic Li...

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Crestron NAX-8ZSA-Distributed Audio (over IP)

 03, Mar 21  |    M. S. Moran  |    116

Crestron NAX-8ZSA-Distributed Audio (over IP)-image

Crestron's Revolutionary DM-NAX-8ZSA: Crestron just announced the imminent release of several Game-Changing audio devices.  The DM-NZX-8ZSA Multi-Zone Amplifier and Multi-Zone Streamer with 10 Band Equalizer and built-in DSP (Digital Signal Processor). The Finer Details: 8 Discrete Audio Zones 8 Discrete Streaming Zones Pandora Radio iHeart Radio Spotify AirPlay 2 SiriusXM More Services coming with future releases 16 X 150 Watts/CH @ 8 Ohms, 300 Watts/CH @ 4 Ohms &...

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CES Innovation Awards 2021

 17, Feb 21  |    M. S. Moran  |    119

CES Innovation Awards 2021-image

This year's CES has recently wrapped-up and once again our friends at LG Electronics have once again exceeded all expectations and managed to win more awards than any other exhibitor. For the past 7 years, LG has won awards for their OLED TV Technology and this year was no exception.  They were awarded Innovation Awards for the new 48" OLED & 65" Gallery Series OLED TV Displays and their 4K Short-Throw Laser Projector.  I believe when all the dust settled, LG was awarded a tota...

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KEF LS50 Meta

 05, Feb 21  |    M S Moran  |    150

KEF LS50 Meta-image

KEF has once again raised the bar for mini-monitor loudspeaker design with the recent updates to the legendary KEF LS50 loudspeakers. They have added "MetaMaterial" to the original design.  And as the Talking Heads aptly sang, "they weren't fooling around"  These reengineered standmounts have been acknowledged the world over for their sonic transparency and value.   What Hi-Fi? Awards 2020 winner. These standmounters set new standards

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CEPro Industry Awards for 2020

 09, Nov 20  |    M S Moran  |    162

CEPro Industry Awards for 2020-image

               CEPro Industry Awards for 2020 included numerous awards for many of the industry's finest AV Products.  Included among the winners are several of our most popular brands.  Crestron won three separate awards and Luxul won two separate awards.  Definitive Technology, KEF and Denon won awards for their speaker products. To learn more about these award-winning products, reach out to us at: 561.391.1843 or info@soundplusw...

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Denon's 110 Year Anniversary Celebration

 14, Oct 20  |    M S Moran  |    343

Denon's 110 Year Anniversary Celebration -image

Denon has introduced four new anniversary edition components to celebrate their 110 years in business.  Pictured above are the AVR-110 Surround Sound, Multi-Zone Receiver, the PMA-110 Integrated Amp, the DCD-A110 SACD Player, and the DL-A110 Phono cartridge. Clearly, all four of these products share Denon's long-term commitment to designing and building exceptional audio products. To learn more, simply reach out to us and we will be delighted to assist with addressing any of your que...

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Denon AVR-A110 Reference Anniversary Edition

 11, Sep 20  |    M S Moran  |    206

Denon AVR-A110 Reference Anniversary Edition-image

As Neil Young once quipped, "Rust Never Sleeps"...nor does the Denon Development Team.  The AVR-A110 celebrates Denon's 110 Year Anniversary with the release of this prodigious Audio-Video Receiver (AVR).  This latest edition builds on the previous AVR-X8500H Reference receiver that was previously Denon's Flagship AVR and selected Product of the Year in 2018-2019. Same but Different: 13 X's 150 Watts per Channel On-Board Amplification; Supports a 15.2 Speaker Configuration* D...

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"The Supply Chain Blues" by Vinnie and the Virus

 04, Sep 20  |    M S Moran  |    0

We recently needed a replacement Denon AVR for a very good and longtime customer.  We called our local Rep to inquire about availability and were somewhat surprised to learn that they had "0" units available for shipment and didn't expect any for several weeks.  We then started canvassing for other distributors hoping to find a suitable replacement model.  Again, to our dismay, we were able to find a single unit that was one model step below what we were looking for.  Mo...

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EISA 2020-2021 Awards

 26, Aug 20  |    M S Moran  |    165

EISA 2020-2021 Awards-image

    This year's EISA TV Awards speak volumes about exactly which manufacturer is offering the very best in the way of High-End Video performance in each product category...LED and OLED.  Search no further as LG Electronics has once again set the bar in terms of top-level video performance.  This is not new ground for LG. They have received an identical award multiple times over the last several years.  I think there is a pattern here but I'm trying desperately to...

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Denon Delights

 12, Aug 20  |    M S Moran  |    171

Denon Delights-image

Denon's 2020 AVR models were recently released and in typical Denon fashion, they expanded on their already robust feature set. 8K Video Support with HDCP 2.3 on all 8 HDMI Inputs 3 HDMI Video Outputs to support both a flat panel & a video projector. Dual Video Zone capable  8K/60 Hz or 4K/120 Hz capability.  4K/120 is apprecaited by the Gaming Crowd. eARC Support for Immersive Audio Codecs...Dolby Atmos, DTS-X, IMAX-Enhanced Hi-Rez Audio support including DSD files H...

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KEF Reference Series

 12, May 20  |    M S Moran  |    258

Crestron Home: CP4-R & MC4-R Processors

 14, Apr 20  |    M S Moran  |    241

Crestron Home: CP4-R & MC4-R Processors-image

Crestron Electronics was recently favored with two more industry awards at the recent ISE 2020 gathering (Integrated Systems Europe).  Crestron Home and the recently released MC4-R Processor were honored as being among the top new technology offering in our industry.  The MC4-R Processor is the Little Brother to the earlier release of the CP4-R Processor. The CP4-r is an extremely powerful processor capable of handling projects of any size whereas the MC4-R is is intended to addres...

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Crestron Crestron Home & CP4-R

 20, Feb 20  |    M S Moran  |    305

Crestron Crestron Home & CP4-R-image

  Crestron Home OS is alive and well these days.  Moreover, the Techno-Elves, at Crestron, are working feverishly and constantly to improve the breed with monthly enhancements and new feature releases.  Personally, I've been impressed with the ease and speed of deployment and most especially with its auto-programming capability.  This is not to suggest that familiarity with the process and careful planning are not required but rather the elimination of the need for com...

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Remote Control Technology

 26, Sep 19  |    M S Moran  |    345

Remote Control Technology-image

Remote Controls: Most folks are quite familiar with the venerable hand-held remote control and manufacturers supply a basic unit with the purchase of every new Audio-Video Device.  That being said, most folks don’t actually understand how they function.  Accordingly, I’d like to take everyone on a magical mystery ride a provide a more in-depth overview of how these gadgets work. IR Remote Controls:   IR (infrared) is the simplest type of control protocol utilized...

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CEDIA Best of Show 2019

 23, Sep 19  |    M S Moran  |    366

CEDIA Best of Show 2019-image

  LG Scores Big with Signature Series 8K OLED TV In the never-ending pursuit of truth, justice and More-Better TV displays, LG knocks another one out of the park. Not only did it win a Best of Cedia Award, it was also favored with the Best of Show award.   For more information on this amazing TV Display call us at 561.391.1843

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EISA 2019 Awards

 17, Aug 19  |    M S Moran  |    358

EISA 2019 Awards-image

KEF continues a long tradition:      KEF is a well-known British company that designs, engineers and manufactures world-class loudspeakers.  KEF was founded by Raymond Cooke, a former BBC engineer, in 1961 and is still making fantastic products to this very day as indicated by their most recent EISA Awards for 2019-2020.  KEF is a Tier 1 manufacturer, which simply means that they manufacture everything in-house form the speaker drivers to the speaker enclosures...

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Crestron Crestron Home & CP4-R

 17, Aug 19  |    M S Moran  |    389

Crestron Crestron Home & CP4-R-image

  Crestron Home:     Crestron Electronics recently announced the impending release date for the new Crestron Home or OS3 operating system. The final version is slated to be released on Sept 4, 2019, which is just a few short weeks away. What is Crestron Home: Crestron Home is a product and software platform that works symbiotically to deliver Smart Home Automation Systems with a minimum of programming required.  As a matter of fact, no laptops or computers are requ...

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Dolby Atmos Immersive Audio, et. al.

 13, Aug 19  |    M S Moran  |    420

Dolby Atmos Immersive Audio, et. al.-image

Immersive Audio: Dolby Atmos, IMAX-Enhanced, DTS-X and Auro 3D are all relatively new audio codecs that represent a significant path forward in recording technology.   Conceptually, Dolby Atmos, as well as the other immersive formats, have migrated away from the "Channel-Based" approach, utilized with all previous surround formats.  Immersive Audio is an "Object-Based" approach. This new recording technology provides recording engineers and directors the ability to accur...

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Crestron Home, Crestron PYNG & CP4-R

 17, Jun 19  |    M S Moran  |    429

Crestron Home, Crestron PYNG & CP4-R-image

  Crestron recently released the CP4-R replacement for the earlier CP3-R PYNG Processor.  In this whirlwind of change environment we live in today, the CP4-R brings a level of performance only dreamed of a short while ago. It is the most powerful processor Crestron has ever released and is capable of running even the largest Home Automation Project.   Presently, the CP4-R is embedded with the PYNG Operating System OS2.  However, Crestron will be releasing a highl...

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LG 88 OLED Smart TV

 17, Jun 19  |    M S Moran  |    345

LG 88 OLED Smart TV-image

LG recently introduced the above 88" OLED Smart TV.  The embedded ecosystem includes all the usual suspects, in the way of "Smart TV" functionality and enhanced video processing.  Moreover, this Bad Boy disappears into the lower cabinet base when not in use.  Wow!   Reach out to us for more info on this very exciting new product release.  561.391.1843

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EISA 2019 Product of the Year

 12, Jun 19  |    M S Moran  |    484

EISA 2019 Product of the Year-image

EISA HOME THEATER AMPLIFIER 2018-2019Denon AVR-X8500H (AVC-X8500H in Europe) image: Denon’s flagship AV amplifier is perfect for those seeking the highest levels of home entertainment. Rated at 210W per channel with no fewer than 13 discrete amplifiers, it’s potently powerful and capable of driving demanding speakers, delivering a dynamic performance regardless of whether you are running a 9.1.4 array,...

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Control Product of the Year: Crestron Pyng® OS 2

 11, Jan 19  |    Michael Moran  |    8214

Control Product of the Year: Crestron Pyng® OS 2 -image

 Control Product of the Year   The CP3-R Processor with PYNG OS 2 operating system was selected as the Control Product of the Year.  The PYNG ecosystem is a truly remarkable operating system that streamlines Home Automation deployments and also provides End-User capability to create all manner of Lighting, Motorized Blinds, Whole-Home Audio, and Video distribution along with support for HVAC, Door Locks, Security Systems, etc.             ...

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Video Display Product of the Year (Display): LG SIGNATURE 65-inch Rollable OLED 4K TV (Model 65R9) | LG Electron-image

The CES 2019 Show is now in full bloom in Lost Wages, Nevada.  This show is arguably the most important AV Show event annually. LG has announced the impending release of a new "Rollable" OLED TV.  A link to this exciting news is provided below. This announcement should have a rather significant impact on the Interior Home Design market space.  Most folks would love to have a large screen TV but often ...

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Denon Awards

 12, Nov 18  |    Michael Moran  |    418

Denon Awards-image

Denon Scores a "Clean Sweep"  Denon's AVR-8500H Flagship AV Receiver was awarded this year's EISA Award for Best in Class performance.  This award is in addition to other industry awards and recoginition by CEDIA, CEPro and CES.  This truly represents some pretty "Tall Cotton" and certainly rareified territory.  Among its features are: 13.2 Channels with 13 X 150 Watts/CH...enough to run even the most sophisticated Home Theater System.  It is the first and only ...

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Audiophile Review of the 25 Best Speakers of All time

 28, Mar 18  |    M. S. Moran  |    628

Audiophile Review of the 25 Best Speakers of All time-image

No. 8 Canton Reference 3.2 DC $16,000/pair Performance 89Longevity/Relevance 18Value 17Aesthetics 21Lust 20Total Score 165 Canton's Reference 3.2 Loudspeakers were included in a well respected review of the 25 greatest speakers of all time.  Quite the compliment. Any loudspeaker provider would be suitably flattered to be included in such a storied group of premium audiophile loudspeakers.  The Canton's were rated as the 8th best among this group, which is also an incredibl...

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Custom Installation

 21, Mar 18  |    M. S. Moran  |    577

Custom Installation-image

  Custom its finest! The above photo represents a technique used by very few but, sadly, one I encounter far too often.  This Project was part of a complete home remodel, in a very high-end neighborhood.  To be perfectly clear, it was located in one of the most desirable communities on the planet, which is to say that budgetary restrictions were definitely not the issue with this deployment.  The design anticipated locating all of the home's Cable ...

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Featured on Houzz

 27, Feb 18  |    MSM  |    572

Featured on Houzz-image

  We are featured on Houzz as a Home Automation and Home Theater Pro.  Kindly reach out to us and let us show you your options for implementing a Home Theater or Home Automation Project. Best regards,   Sound Plus Wood, Inc. 

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