EISA 2019 Awards

 17, Aug 19  |    M S Moran  |    1

EISA 2019 Awards-image

KEF continues a long tradition:      KEF is a well-known British company that designs, engineers and manufactures world-class loudspeakers. This year, EISA (Expert Imaging & Sound Association) has selected two separate KEF products for their speaker awards.  The LSX is a Wireless Speaker System and following very nicely in the footsteps of its bigger brother, the LS50 Wireless. The LS50 and LS50 wireless both are former recipients of EISA Awards and many other...

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Crestron Crestron Home & CP4-R

 17, Aug 19  |    M S Moran  |    8

Crestron Crestron Home & CP4-R-image

  Crestron Home:     Crestron Electronics recently announced the impending release date for the new Crestron Home or OS3 operating system. The final version is slated to be released on Sept 4, 2019, which is just a few short weeks away. What is Crestron Home: Crestron Home is a product and software platform that works symbiotically to deliver Smart Home Automation Systems with a minimum of programming required.  As a matter of fact, no laptops or computers are requ...

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Dolby Atmos Immersive Audio, et. al.

 13, Aug 19  |    M S Moran  |    20

Dolby Atmos Immersive Audio, et. al.-image

Immersive Audio: Dolby Atmos, IMAX-Enhanced, DTS-X and Auro 3D are all relatively new audio codecs that represent a significant path forward in recording technology.   Conceptually, Dolby Atmos, as well as the other immersive formats, have migrated away from the "Channel-Based" approach, utilized with all previous surround formats.  Immersive Audio is an "Object-Based" approach. This new recording technology provides recording engineers and directors the ability to accur...

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Crestron Home, Crestron PYNG & CP4-R

 17, Jun 19  |    M S Moran  |    48

Crestron Home, Crestron PYNG & CP4-R-image

  Crestron recently released the CP4-R replacement for the earlier CP3-R PYNG Processor.  In this whirlwind of change environment we live in today, the CP4-R brings a level of performance only dreamed of a short while ago. It is the most powerful processor Crestron has ever released and is capable of running even the largest Home Automation Project.   Presently, the CP4-R is embedded with the PYNG Operating System OS2.  However, Crestron will be releasing a highl...

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LG 88 OLED Smart TV

 17, Jun 19  |    M S Moran  |    28

LG 88 OLED Smart TV-image

LG recently introduced the above 88" OLED Smart TV.  The embedded ecosystem includes all the usual suspects, in the way of "Smart TV" functionality and enhanced video processing.  Moreover, this Bad Boy disappears into the lower cabinet base when not in use.  Wow!   Reach out to us for more info on this very exciting new product release.  561.391.1843

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EISA 2019 Product of the Year

 12, Jun 19  |    M S Moran  |    42

EISA 2019 Product of the Year-image

EISA HOME THEATER AMPLIFIER 2018-2019Denon AVR-X8500H (AVC-X8500H in Europe) image: https://www.soundandvision.com/images/818eisa.Denon_AVC-X8500H_web.jpg Denon’s flagship AV amplifier is perfect for those seeking the highest levels of home entertainment. Rated at 210W per channel with no fewer than 13 discrete amplifiers, it’s potently powerful and capable of driving demanding speakers, delivering a dynamic performance regardless of whether you are running a 9.1.4 array,...

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Control Product of the Year: Crestron Pyng® OS 2

 11, Jan 19  |    Michael Moran  |    1413

Control Product of the Year: Crestron Pyng® OS 2 -image

 Control Product of the Year   The CP3-R Processor with PYNG OS 2 operating system was selected as the Control Product of the Year.  The PYNG ecosystem is a truly remarkable operating system that streamlines Home Automation deployments and also provides End-User capability to create all manner of Lighting, Motorized Blinds, Whole-Home Audio, and Video distribution along with support for HVAC, Door Locks, Security Systems, etc.             ...

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Video Display Product of the Year (Display): LG SIGNATURE 65-inch Rollable OLED 4K TV (Model 65R9) | LG Electron-image

The CES 2019 Show is now in full bloom in Lost Wages, Nevada.  This show is arguably the most important AV Show event annually. LG has announced the impending release of a new "Rollable" OLED TV.  A link to this exciting news is provided below. https://www.avsforum.com/lg-shows-rollable-signature-oled-tv-r-ces-2019/ This announcement should have a rather significant impact on the Interior Home Design market space.  Most folks would love to have a large screen TV but often ...

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Denon Awards

 12, Nov 18  |    Michael Moran  |    91

Denon Awards-image

Denon Scores a "Clean Sweep"  Denon's AVR-8500H Flagship AV Receiver was awarded this year's EISA Award for Best in Class performance.  This award is in addition to other industry awards and recoginition by CEDIA, CEPro and CES.  This truly represents some pretty "Tall Cotton" and certainly rareified territory.  Among its features are: 13.2 Channels with 13 X 150 Watts/CH...enough to run even the most sophisticated Home Theater System.  It is the first and only ...

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Audiophile Review of the 25 Best Speakers of All time

 28, Mar 18  |    M. S. Moran  |    219

Audiophile Review of the 25 Best Speakers of All time-image

No. 8 Canton Reference 3.2 DC $16,000/pair Performance 89Longevity/Relevance 18Value 17Aesthetics 21Lust 20Total Score 165 Canton's Reference 3.2 Loudspeakers were included in a well respected review of the 25 greatest speakers of all time.  Quite the compliment. Any loudspeaker provider would be suitably flattered to be included in such a storied group of premium audiophile loudspeakers.  The Canton's were rated as the 8th best among this group, which is also an incredibl...

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Custom Installation

 21, Mar 18  |    M. S. Moran  |    214

Custom Installation-image

  Custom Installation...at its finest! The above photo represents a technique used by very few but, sadly, one I encounter far too often.  This Project was part of a complete home remodel, in a very high-end neighborhood.  To be perfectly clear, it was located in one of the most desirable communities on the planet, which is to say that budgetary restrictions were definitely not the issue with this deployment.  The design anticipated locating all of the home's Cable ...

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Featured on Houzz

 27, Feb 18  |    MSM  |    197

Featured on Houzz-image

  We are featured on Houzz as a Home Automation and Home Theater Pro.  Kindly reach out to us and let us show you your options for implementing a Home Theater or Home Automation Project. Best regards,   Sound Plus Wood, Inc. 

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Tech Home Awards

 27, Feb 18  |    M.S. Moran  |    195

Tech Home Awards-image

Denon & Luxul were award winners of the Mark of Excellence Awards" recently for best multi-rooom audio system and Internet Products.  Is there a pattern here or am I missing something?

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Crestron TSR-310 wins Product of the Year

 19, Feb 18  |    M. S. Moran  |    231

Crestron TSR-310 wins Product of the Year -image

Crestron TSR-310 Hand Held Remote Control: Crestron was recently awarded Product of the Year for the TSR-310 hand held remote control.  This baby packs a significant punch in its capabilities with a 3" High Resolution Touch Screen, Voice Capabilities, Wi-Fi Communications, 3-4 Days between recharging cycles, incredible processing power and just down right good looking!  

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HEOS SoundBar

 19, Feb 18  |    M.S. Moran  |    191

HEOS SoundBar-image

HEOS Soundbar: Denon recently relseased an updated soundbar to their HEOS offerings. This latest offering supports all of the usual suspects but adds high definition music streaming support for DSD files.       This speaker unit is provides a 3.0 speaker solution...Left/Right and Center Channnels.  Matching Wireless Sub-Woofer (and Rear Channel Speakers) are sold separately.  Reach out tous for more info on this exciting product at: 561.391.1843

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HEOS Ecosystem by Denon

 19, Feb 18  |    M. S. Moram  |    177

HEOS Ecosystem by Denon -image

HEOS by Denon: HEOS by Denon provides numerous opportunities for deploying a wireless "Whole-House music System quickly and without the need to run any expensive audio speaker cables.  the monkier "Wireless" refers to the fact that all of the offerings connet via Wi-Fi and or a hardwired Ethernet cable.  The process is fairly straightforward and goes something like this: Download the free HEOS App Connect your speaker(s) to your Network wirelessly or hardwired Add "Devices...

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ATSC 3.0 Broadcast Standard

 19, Feb 18  |    M. S. Moran  |    191

ATSC 3.0 Broadcast Standard-image

ATSC 3.0 Standard Approved: This year's CES Show, in Las Vegas, was filled with new product announcements from a plethora of manufacturers. New TV models, new AVR's, including Denon's latest Award Winning AVR 8500H and one announcement that will have far reaching impact in the years to come.  The ATSC governing body approved the final standards of the ATSC 3.0 Over the Air Broadcast Standard.  Finallizing "Standards" is a prerequisite towards iindustry-wide implementation. The ATS...

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KEF LS 50 Speakers & Music System

 18, Feb 18  |    M. S. Moran  |    224

KEF LS 50 Speakers & Music System-image

KEF LS 50 Active Speakers & Music System: The KEF name is synonomous with quality loudspeakers.  KEF, or Kent Engineering & Foundry, was founded by Raymond Cooke in 1961 in Kent England.  KEF has engineered some of the most storied loudspeakers of all time.  The original passive release of the LS50 mini-monitors pay homage to the LS3/5A Mini-Monitor loudspeakers released back in the 60's.  Like the LS3/5A units, the recently introduced LS 50 loudspeakers have set...

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Denon Flagship AVR

 17, Feb 18  |    M. S. Moran  |    217

Denon Flagship AVR-image

Denon AVR 8500H Flagship...perhaps Battleship? Denon released their latest flagship model at this year's CES 2018 show in Las Vegas.  The AVR 8500H is the world's first 13.2 receiver, which simply suggests that it has 13 Channels of onboard amplification.  This latest Dolby Atmos enabled receiver can support a full compliment of front height & front width speakers along with the required ceiling mounted units (4) without the need of any external amplification.  Quite a f...

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TV Shootout 2017

 25, Jul 17  |    M S Moran  |    248

TV Shootout 2017-image

Breaking News!   LG has, again, won the prestigious award for best TV Display for their 2017 OLED TV's.  This is not particularly foreign territory for LG as they have captured the same title for the previous 3 consecutive years. Not too shabby. What sets this latest victory apart from previous years is the fact that they reigned supreme in all three judging categories. Another interesting tidbit is the Sony OLED entry won an honorable mention.  This too is interesting as So...

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Denon HEOS enabled AV Receivers

 11, Jul 17  |    M S Moran  |    260

Denon HEOS enabled AV Receivers-image

I was thrilled to attend the 2017 new product training, with the Denon Marantz Group, a few days ago.  The following comments are my initial impressions.   All 2017 AVR's are enabled with the HEOS Music Streaming App   All AVR's are 4K Ultra HD & HDR compliant All are Dolby Atmos enabled   Free downloadable 2016 AVR Remote App for IOS & Android devices New Audyssey Advanced Room Correction App Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ethernet Network  Support Lossless ...

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Automation for Idiots

 22, Jun 17  |    Michael Moran  |    277

Automation for Idiots-image

One of the few constants in life is change. Sadly, too many, among us, are resistant to change regardless of the manifest benefits offered by that very change.  A few short years ago, we were introducded to the Fax Machine, which at the time was a revolutionary technology change. Moving documents around the globe today is far easier and cheaper with email.  Moreover, one needn't worry about paper supplies or physical repairs to the hardware. In the Automation and Control world, C...

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ATSC 3.0

 04, Jun 17  |    Michael Moran  |    259

ATSC 3.0-image

In the ever changing world of Broadcast TV, the FCC recently "Greenlights" and voted to unamimously allow braodcasters to voluntarily deploy the emerging "next-generation"television transmission standard, i.e., ATSC 3.0. Rust never sleeps and technology is always on the move.  Buckle Up kiddies, great things are afoot.    

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Dolby Vision, HDR 10 & HDR 10+

 24, Apr 17  |    Michael Moran  |    326

Dolby Vision, HDR 10 & HDR 10+-image

  Dolby Vision & HDR 10 are the two standards for "High Dynamic Range" enabled TV's (and Movie Content).   Heretofore, Dolby Vision was the superior format in that it is a dynamic system while HDR 10 is a static based system. Recently, Samsung and Amazon have announced a newer iteration of the HDR 10 Standard...HDR 10+.  HDR 10+, like Dolby Vision, is a dynamic format and is intended to compete favorably with the Dolby version.   All Samsung 2017 UHD TV models are...

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Streaming Unleashed!

 20, Apr 17  |    Michael Moran  |    290

Streaming Unleashed!-image

In today's IP centric environment, Streaming has become one of the most sought after features.  As a refresher, Streaming leverages the Internet, along with Wi-Fi connectivity to enable playback of both locally stored music content and Streaming Radio Stations. Denon's Heos Drive is an evolutioary step in the Streaming world.  One could reasonably argue that it is a revolutionary product breakthrough. You may ask, what is so special about the Heos Drive and why should I care? T...

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Crestron & State of Florida

 23, Mar 17  |    Mike Moran  |    276

Crestron & State of Florida-image

Last week, Crestron Electronics, Inc., was awarded a five year supply contract by the State of Florida. The contract covers Audio Visual Equipment and Accessories.  This necessarily includes AV Digital distribution and control, as well as a full assortment of high performance audio components and speakers. Florida Agencies are encouraged to avail themselves of this streamlined acquisition process afforded by this contract. In other news, the engineering department, at the University o...

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Breaking News: ATSC 3.0 Broadcast Standard

 10, Mar 17  |    Michael Moran  |    338

Breaking News: ATSC 3.0 Broadcast Standard-image

Well, Well...truly a very deep subject. In the distant past, I have waxed poetic about all manner of things associated with Digital TV including: HDTV Displays HDMI Protocol (various versions) STB (Set Top Boxes) 4K Ultra HDTV Dolby Atmos HDR & Dolby Vision Briefly, the transition from "Old School" Analogue TV Programming to HDTV Programming has taken a significant amount of time to become fully baked.  It actually started approximately 25 years ago. The group principal...

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CES 2016 Report

 16, Jan 17  |    Mike Moran  |    353

CES 2016 Report-image

Dear Friends,   The most recent CES Show (Consumer Electronincs Show) is now in the books. This is one of the major industry shows and the one that generally reveals the latest and greatest in new gear and technology trends. Often times, there is vey little to talk about and many so-called new revolutionary advancements are simply marginal improvements to existing products and or technologies.     Here is my takeaway. 4K Display Technologies continues to be the prime area f...

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Programming without a STB Or Set Top Box

 25, Jul 16  |    M S Moran  |    685

Programming without a STB Or Set Top Box-image

                                  TV Programming without the Set Top Box:   I believe I'm on firm ground when I suggest that we are all reasonably familiar with the basic technology requirements needed for receiving TV Programming in our homes. Regardless of your Provider (Comcast/DirecTV/AT&T) a STB or Set Top Box is a fundemental system requirment. The STB provides connectivity to the prov...

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State-of-the Art in Display Technology

 19, Jul 16  |    M S Moran  |    663

State-of-the Art in Display Technology-image

  State of the Art in TV Technology:    Last week I was fortunate to attend LG's 2016 Roadshow for their 2016 TV's models.   LG brought their latest SUHD LED 4K TV along with a OLED 4K TV for comparative purposes.  To be clear, the SUHD 4K LED TV is an outstanding version of current LED technology and had an amazing picture, in its own right. That said, when compared to the OLED TV displaying the identical source material, the quality differences were manifest! &...

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