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Dedicated Home Theater Room

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Kaleidescape Movie Server


Sound Plus Wood, Inc. began operations in 1973 as a custom woodworking enterprise that specialized in the design and fabrication of custom audio furniture. We very quickly realized that there was a real-world need for combining our woodworking skillset with audio-video sales, engineering, and installation services.

These past 48 years have ushered in remarkable advances in technology. We have all witnessed the demise of the venerable CRT TV. Playback formats such as VHS, Betamax, Cassettes, and 8 Track Tapes have all but vanished.  CD's may well be the next media format on the Darwin list of endangered species?  The aforementioned formats have been replaced with HDTV & UHD 4K TVs and UHD BluRay formats.  Dolby Labs' recent introduction of "Dolby Vision" provides rather significant video enhancements.  Internet Streaming Services such as Pandora, Tidal, Spotify, iHeart Radio & Deezer are literally embedded in nearly every modern AV Device.  Streaming EcoSystems from Apple, Google, Sonos, and HEOS (by Denon) enable personal streaming over our Wi-Fi networks. Furthermore, world-class vendors, such as Kaleidescape, support the storage of all our personal music and movie content in bit-for-bit lossless formats in a remarkably easy-to-use AV appliance.  

One additional comment needs to be underscored.  All of these new streaming formats are great. That said, the need for a robust, speedy, and well-provisioned Home Network is no longer considered an option but rather a fundamental requirement of any modern home.    

The pace of innovation has been truly astonishing. Financial advisors are quick to remind us that past performance is no indicator of future performance. That disclaimer may well be true in financial markets but clearly not in the AV Industry. If our past history teaches us anything, the pace of change is not likely to wane.

We are extremely proud to have been a part of this landscape and to have played some small part in its development.

Best personal regards,

Michael S. Moran,
Founder and CEO