System Design

AV System Design is an integral part and natural precursor required prior to deploying any Smart Home, Home Theater or Audio-Video System.

As in home building, one typically engages the services of a licensed architect to create the original vision for your project. This vision is ultimately encapsulated into a set of drawings and specifications commonly known as a “Blueprint” The blueprint provides the guidelines and critical insights required, by construction professionals, to properly prepare a legitimate bid proposal for your project. Furthermore, local building departments require technical drawings and specifications before any building permit can be issued. In a similar fashion, crafting a viable system design necessarily requires personal input that only you can provide.

Project Type, Scope-of-Work, along with approximate time-lines assist us with adequately addressing your specific needs.

The availability of your home’s blueprint is a very welcome and beneficial tool. Your blueprint assists us in quantifying numerous project-related specifics such as cable lengths, audio and video zones, type and location of control interfaces, types and sizes of TV displays, home theater location(s), security requirements, types and locations for security cameras. Moreover, in today’s internet-centric environment, an enlightened discussion on IP (Internet Protocol) matters and how it will be deployed, throughout the home, should be a top priority to everyone. Today, nearly every new AV appliance is IP enabled. Accordingly, a stable and reasonably fast internet connection should no longer be considered an option but rather a fundamental necessity. In short, It provides the very foundation to any modern AV Design.

All of this information is analyzed and then distilled into a written proposal that clearly describes the actual products and their intended locations. AV Proposals oftentimes require some fine-tuning before they exactly match your desired goals and budgetary requirements.


“Sales” a word generally thought of in less than flattering terms. However, when we actually reflect on business fundamentals, nothing happens until something is sold. Firms spend billions of dollars bombarding us with all manner of advertising. Why? At the end of the day, the simple goal is to make a sale and hopefully foster a long term business relationship.

So yes, we too are sales-minded individuals. It goes without saying, that being knowledgeable about our industry, the incumbent technical issues and the associated products is important. The actual products and the brands we represent also need to be fully vetted in terms of reliability, performance and value proposition. We are extremely proud to represent many of the most storied brands in the AV Industry. Many of our manufacturers have actively participated in advancing the State-of-the-Art and have received numerous industry awards for their substantial contributions to our industry.

The following is a partial list of the major brands we represent:

Canton, Crestron, Denon, Onkyo, Kaleidescape, KEF, Luxul, Pakedge, Definitive Technology, Samsung, Sony, Digital Projection Systems, SnapAV, Boston Acoustics, Parasound, Universal Remote Control, Panasonic, Middle Atlantic Racks & Furman/Panamax

We welcome the opportunity to assist you with the selection process. The possible selection choices are abundant. That said, you may rely on and feel comfortable in knowing that your product selections will maximize your home's AV potential.

Design & Fabrication

Custom furniture design and fabrication is where we started in 1973. Our initial efforts were mainly dedicated to custom audio furniture and media cabinets. This fact in no way limits our ability to assist you with whatever custom project you envision. Whether you are building a new home or remodeling an existing one, we've probably built a custom unit for every conceivable purpose and that includes:

  • Custom Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Libraries
  • Media Rooms
  • Desks
  • Conference Table
  • Office Furniture

Custom furniture design and fabrication is one of the services that we provide. Frankly, we are arguably the first company to offer a turn-key solution for both the custom furniture and for the design and implementation of the complete audio and video system.

Every custom project begins with a design that naturally anticipates the following criteria:

The Room Dynamics
Preferred Wood Species
Finish Schedule
Stated Design Purpose: Media Cabinet, Office, Kitchen, Bath, etc.

Today our designs are executed in a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software platform that provides numerous benefits. Design accuracy and the ability to apply full-color wood grain images onto the cabinet surfaces are two important benefits.

This capability provides you with a photo-realistic presentation of exactly how the completed project will look. Moreover, CAD Design ensures that any required design edits can be quickly expedited.