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Kaleidescape Awards
4K Movies, 4K Movie Servers, Best HDTV, Dolby Vision, HDR+, Dolby Atmos, Multi-Room Streaming, HDMI 2.1, Surround Sound

Kaleidescape keeps plodding along and in the process keeps adding to the litany of industry awards.  The Kaleidescape Strato C 4K Player and Terra 4K Movie server were selected by Innovation & Tech magazine as one of the top products of 2023.   

Kaleidescape has earned a reputation for being the "Go To Video Source" for anyone demanding superlative performance.  Clearly, this is not new territory for Kaleidescape. The Strato C & Terra Server platform provides for pristine lossless audio combined with Reference Quality Video playback. Moreover, this platform can stream up to 10 4K movies simultaneously!  To underscore Kaleidescape's prowess in the AV Industry, nearly every major manufacturer utilizes Kaleidescape products to enhance their own products in their display booths at all major industry-only trade shows.  Essentially, the adage of Garbage In, Garbage Out holds true for the TV Display industry and Kaleidescape's HD 4K non-compressed video presents video content without equal. 

To learn more about these amazing products, reach out to us at:  561.391.1843.