Programming without a STB Or Set Top Box

Programming without a STB Or Set Top Box
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TV Programming without the Set Top Box:

I believe I'm on firm ground when I suggest that we are all reasonably familiar with the basic technology requirements needed for receiving TV Programming in our homes. Regardless of your Provider (Comcast/DirecTV/AT&T) a STB or Set Top Box is a fundemental system requirment. The STB provides connectivity to the provider's head end and also acts to decode the incoming scrambled TV signal.

In many installations, it would be highly desirable to deploy a TV Display without needing an extra piece of equipment. The impact is even more profound when we "wall mount" the TV Display to create a very clean installation.  The necessity of a STB always creates extra and unwanted complications.  Wouldn't it be great if we could just find a work-a-round to eliminate this requirement.

If you are a Comcast or AT&T subscriber, the answer is probably no. If, however, you happen to be a DirecTV subscriber, there just may be a solution. 

DirecTV, along with a number of TV manufacturers formed a partnership known as the RVU Alliance. LG, Samsung and Sony (and others) are active members.  Each supplier offers a number of "certified" TV displays with onboard DirecTV satellite receivers.  Essentially, this eliminates the need for an outbaord STB. Kindly note that not all sets are certified.  Moreover, the RVU deployment requires DirecTV's Genie Platform of receivers and Ultimate or Premiere Service Packages.

At the end of the day, RVU enabled TV's can possibly provide for a cleaner and less costly installation when compared to traditional deployments.  

All I can say is, Bravo DirecTV!