Streaming Unleashed!

Streaming Unleashed!
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In today's IP centric environment, Streaming has become one of the most sought after features.  As a refresher, Streaming leverages the Internet, along with Wi-Fi connectivity to enable playback of both locally stored music content and Streaming Radio Stations.

Denon's Heos Drive is an evolutioary step in the Streaming world.  One could reasonably argue that it is a revolutionary product breakthrough.

You may ask, what is so special about the Heos Drive and why should I care?

The Heos Drive combines multi-channel amplification with Denon's Heos Software Platform into a 2U rack mountable chassis. It has 8 channels of quality amplification, which is sufficient to drive 4 discrete audio zones.  Each zone can independently play any of the available audio Sources or the entire property can be quickly and easily combined to play any signle audio Source with literally a flick of the fingers.  The Drive can also be configured to play nice with Denon's award-winning Audio-Video Receiver lineup. The Drive has Digital and Analogue Audio Inputs. Furthermore, every zone supports a USB drive.

The real magic manifests itself through the Heos Ecosystem with a plethora of Streaming stations including Pandora, Spotify, Deezer, iHeart Radio, SiriusXM (and more) as well as access to thousands of free Internet based radio stations.  Add a second or third Heos Drive and you now have an 8 or 12 zone distributed audio system. Download the free App and your personal user-interface is good to go.

It is not surprising that the Heos Drive was awarded Best Product in Multi-Room systems for 2015-2016. I can assure everyone that it was no accident.  The Heos Drive is truly a Game Changer of a product.

And that, my friends, is some pretty powerful gitty-up!