CE Pro Industry Awards

CE Pro Industry Awards
Smat Home, Smart Home App, Streaming Amps, Communicating Thermostats

The pace of change is and has been an ongoing dynamic in all areas but arguably far more impactful in the electronics industry.  Recently, CE Pro Magazine blessed several of our principal vendors with multiple industry awards.  Specifically, Crestron took honors for its Digital Media platform. On the video side of the coin, the DM-NVW "video transport" ecosystem won an award as did the newly release DM-NAX Multi-Channel Amplifier.  The DM-NAX is a 16 channel bruiser of an amp that also provides embedded Music Streaming capability for each of the 8 stereo audio zones.  Moreover, the NAX Amps can be stacked to create as many fully independent audio zones as may be required.  Crestron's newly released Horizon Thermostat was favored with another CE-Pro Award.  And last but not least department, Crestron's revolutionary Crestron Home ecosystem was a winner in the Smart Home App category.  Crestron Home affords quick deployment with no highly technical programming required and also affords complete remote access to one or more residences.  Moreover, the Crestron Home platform is ever-evolving and adds more features every month.

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