Crestron TNT Awards 2021

CE Pro Industry Awards
TSW-70 Series Touchpanels, Horizon Thermostats, Crestron Home OS, Crestron DM NAX 8-Zone Streaming Amplifier, Smart Home

TNT Awards 2021 @ ISE:

Our partners at Crestron have been up to their wiley tricks once again and have somehow managed to score 5 separate TNT Awards for 2021.

The selected products are as follows:

  • Crestron Home Operating System
  • Horizon Communicating thermostat
  • DM NAX 8-Zone Streaming Amplifier
  • TSW Series Touchscreens
  • Crestron Home Configurator 

Crestron Home operating system is an ever evolving ecosystem that enables quick development and deployment for Smart Home systems.  It has been under development for the last couple of years and the hits just keep on coming.  

The newly released Horizon Communicating Thermostat replaces their earlier unit with a architecturally bold design that is both beautiful and very low profile.  It even changes its stripes auto-magically at night.

The newly released IP enabled Streaming Amp provides for 8 Stereo Zone of audio distribution AND each and every zone has its very own Music App Streamer.  Add to that accomplishment prodigious power and custom EQ Setting and you truly have an all around heavy-weight contender.  Apparently, the folks at TNT think so as well!

Crestron's TSW Touchpanels have been around for quite some time now.  We have witnessed their development and migration from the originla TSW-50 Series to 52 Series and then onto the 60 Series and presently the 70 Series of touchpanels.  Every successive generation has added new features and functionality.  Bravo Crestron!

The Home Configurator doesn't mean much to the typical consumer, so I'll leave that to another time and place for now.

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