Dolby Vision, HDR 10 & HDR 10+, HD TV In Florida

TV Shootout 2017
HDR, HDR 10+, Dolby Vision, Samsung HDTV, Amazon Video

Dolby Vision & HDR 10 are the two standards for "High Dynamic Range" enabled TV's (and Movie Content).  

Heretofore, Dolby Vision was the superior format in that it is a dynamic system while HDR 10 is a static based system. Recently, Samsung and Amazon have announced a newer iteration of the HDR 10 Standard...HDR 10+.  HDR 10+, like Dolby Vision, is a dynamic format and is intended to compete favorably with the Dolby version.  

All Samsung 2017 UHD TV models are presently equipped to handle the newer HDR 10+ content. As an added bonus, Samsung is adding this newest release to their 2016 UHD model TV's, via a firmware upgrade, later this year.  Nice!  

Clearly, Dolby Vision and HDR 10+ provide an incdredible enhancement to the picture quality.  You don't have to be  a Hollywood Movie Producer to appreciate the difference between HDR and non-HDR content.  I have long argued that HDR enabled content is a bigger deal and more impactful, picture wise, than the 4K Pixel War being bandied about by all Dispay manufacturers. Additonally, with Amazon' s market presence, we can all look forward to enjoying the visual fruits of that symbiotic relationship.