LG 97

lg 97
OLED TV, Gaming TV, Home Theater, 4K TV, Large Format TV, HDMI, HDCP

LG announced two new OLED TV's at the recent CES Show. They appear to be going in two directions at once and in this case, it is a very good thing!

LG has, again, filled-in their impressive OLED TV lineup and have added a 97" Monster Display at the top end and a new 42" OLED Display at the opposite end of the spectrum.  The new displays offer all the latest Giddy-Up in terms of HDMI and HDCP Protocols.  Support for higher Refresh rates...4K @ 120 Hz Refresh Rate is a very big deal in terms of picture quality.  Gamers will also benefit from the improved lag times offered.  Support for HDR10+, Hybrid Log Gamma (HGL), Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) are also embedded in these new displays. 

We don't have any advanced information on when the new offerings will become available nor do we know the applicable cost structures.  I would expect the Big Boy to be a bit pricey, however.  But Hey, large format Projectors are expensive too and require a dark room environment, can be quite nooisy and are far more difficult to provision.