LG TV Displays 2022

Lg Tv

In the ever-evolving world of modern electronics, LG has announced several new TV displays at this year's CES show at Lost Wages, Nevada.

For those following our Blog, you are familiar with our penchant for OLED Display Technology.  Organic Light Emitting Diodes provide for "Perfect Black" due to the simple fact that each and every Pixel can be turned On or Off.  OLED based displays create their own emissive light and therefore don't require any manner of "Back Lighting". Result: Perfect Blacks.  The resultant colors literally jump off the screen.  Color accuracy is another benefit of OLED Displays.  As a matter of record, LG OLED Dispays have earned Hollywood's Emmy Award and are considered the Hollywood Reference Display.   

LG recently announced two new OLED TV Displays at CES 2022.  LG will now expand their offerings to include a 42" OLED model and a 97" OLED model.  These two new OLED Displays join their brothers and sisters at 48", 55", 65", 77", & 83" format sizes.  Also included with this year's exciting reveals are enhancements to the AI Processors.  Specific models will benefit from the latest Gen 5 Alphas 9 processing. Finally, the latest "EVO" panels, available in their upper range of Displays, will have their brightness enhanced by up to 20% from earlier Gen Displays.   

For anyone looking to purchase a new Display or upgrade an existing TV Display, we strongly urge all to consider the manifest benefits offered by this special technology.  At the risk of repeating myself, OLED based Displays have won the highly coveted TV Shootout Award for the past 8 consequitive years, against all comers!  Nough Said.

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