Value Electronics Annual TV Shootout 2021

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Value Electronics has been conducting annual TV Shootout Competitions for quite some time now.  The competition allows manufacturers to submit their "most-bestest" TV Displays.  Each submitted Display is professionally calibrated to optimize every aspect of its performance.  Subsequent to the calibration process, a panel of industry professionals judge each Display on their individual merits.

This year's winner, in the 4K Resolution category, is the Sony XR-A90J Master Series OLED TV. 

The winner of the 8K Resolution category was the LG ZX 77" Signature 8K OLED TV.

Not surprisingly, OLED technology has once again captured both the 4K & the 8K awards.  This marks perhaps the 8th consequitive year OLED has garnered this award.  OLED technology, unlike LED, is a self-emmissive technology.  Each and every pixel (Picture Element) can be individually turned ON or Off.  This allows OLED based TV's to exhibit perfect Black Levels, incredible fully saturated colors and unheard of Off-Axis viewing.  The exhibited colors simply jump off the screen.

For anyone in the market for the most-bestest TV Display, I'd strongly urge you to consider one from these two quality manufacturers.  Incidentally, OLED TV's are available in the following format sizes: 48", 55", 65" 77" & 88" varietals. LG is the supplier of record for Sony's OLED TV's (and others).  Sony adds their very own "Special Sauce" and industrial cabinet design to make a truly remarkable TV Display.

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